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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

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 In this article i am going to discuss what is Digital marketing ? that is definition of Digital marketing different method used in digital marketing like SEO (search engine optimization ), SEM ( Search Engine Marketing)  SMO (Social Media Optimization ) SMM (Social Media Marketing) . 

I am also going to discuss what is traditional marketing different methods used in traditional marketing like Television Advertisement , Print Media , Outdoor media 

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing .you can also download digital marketing vs traditional marketing ppt notes,digital marketing vs traditional marketing PDF notes from the last of this article.

I am also going to discuss impact of digital marketing on traditional marketing and the benefits of digital marketing.areas of digital marketing.

what is Digital marketing ?  definition of Digital marketing.

Digital marketing is method of marketing using digital media.

Digital marketing is method of marketing where we try to generate the users from various sources like internet, mobile devices, tablets etc.

what is Traditional marketing ? 
definition of Traditional marketing?

Traditional  marketing is method of marketing using Traditional methods like Television advertisement marketing , Radio advertisement, print medial like newspaper, journal etc, Outdoor marketing printing flex, hording, advertisement using putting add on vehicle etc.  

In both marketing concept we consider following common factors 
Important factors of digital marketing and Traditional Marketing
  1. Reach : actual reach of advertisement to number of peoples 
  2. Targeting : actual targeting audience 
  3. Price : price for advertisement
  4. ROI (Return of Investment) : Return on Investment 
  5. Tracking : taking of advertisement output

It is very important  for any businessmen  to study above five factor before advertising plan

lets compare Digital marketing Vs Traditional marketing 

 Traditional marketing
Digital marketing
Methods Used
TV , Radio , Banner hoardings, Print Media like news Paper
Website, Social media, SEO, SEM ,Email Marketing, SMS Market
Limited  depending on local, national
Very high
Low Targeting
Very high
Very high
Very low
ROI (Return of Investment)
Very high


As shown in the chart above following are conclusion 

  1. digital marketing gives you effective way of marketing in vary low cost and very high return of investment as compare to traditional methods of marketing 
  2. you can track your advertisement reach, engagement of your customers which will help you required changes in your advertisement policies 
  3. Digital marketing has very bright future and career  opportunities 

To Dow load PPT Digital marketing vs traditional marketing click here

To Dow load PDF Digital marketing vs traditional marketing click here 

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